Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 3 Playlist

Great job week 2 participants! These videos represent the focused work of a few hours.  They represent the courage to create and share!  The topics were mainly student chosen and range from introducing themselves to talking about some of their experiences at the OMLI, to discussing personal topics of importance.  View the playlist here or scroll through this blog. (Click on older posts at the bottom of each page to see more.)

Happy viewing!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Marisela & Gerardo

Marisela & Gerardo Challenge course

Marisela & Gerardo Communication

Lesly, Esmeralda & Alvaro communication

Pedro & Sooly Leadership

Pedro & Sooly Challenge

Lesly & Esmeralda Challenge

Andres & Jaqueline Challenge

Andres & Jaqueline Communication

Andres & Jaqueline leadership

Karen challenge course

Cindy week reflection

Antonia challenge course

Antonia week 3

Lucina & Alejandra Communication

Lucina & Alejandra Challenge

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Be a lover not a bully

Communication video

Miguel leadership

Karen leadership

Luis Ernesto discrimination

Ivan Reflection

Luis y Itzel 2


Beach trip

Yuri Reflection


Ivan ropes course

Croooking discrimination video by Pedro


Challenge course. Sitlaly and Diana

Conquering Fear

Well here I am, trying something that I'm afraid of...heights.concentrating hard and not letting my fear rule my life. I'm glad I had this opportunity I met great people and won't forget...memories will stay with me.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Carmen and Juan blog

This video about racism I saw today was interesting yet frustrating. Why would people not do anything about a white person stealing a bike in public, yet they would do everything they can to put a black person in jail if he was stealing a bike in public. Stealing is wrong no matter who is doing the action. But stealing is not the point of what I'm saying. People are people, no matter what the skin color! Also, certain people need to realize how they react towards others because it does make a big difference. It makes a big difference because it isn't right in no way to judge people by there race. In the video people need to learn that stealing is wrong no matter what or who is doing it. It shouldn't matter if its a colored man or a white man or a girl in the end it is stealing and it is bad to just be racist towards one race. 

Racism and sexist by Cindy and Canda

When I first saw the video I felt that people are racist involving crime. In the video people just called the cops when they saw the colored guy " stealing" the bike. With the American guy they  just asked him what he was doing but continued walking, and with the girl one person even helped her. This racism is messed up, and is ruining our society.
When I saw this, I felt really bad for the African American because he was the one who was getting yelled at and even had the cops called on him. I also was upset the fact the guys are more likely to help out "pretty" woman just because they are woman and its also sad how she even said she was stealing it and the guy still offered to help her. I just hope the generalization of African American would come to a stop because people only do that because of what they see in the media, and also the sexist on woman also can stop.

Facing my fear of heights

I was scared of heights before and after I getting on the catwalk I lost the fear.

The high ropes

Today we were going on the high ropes. At first I was nervous of doing the high ropes.Then when I started climbing to the top of the high ropes I was shaking a lot. When I got to the top I was shaking like crazy. When I started getting off the high rope I felt great and the fear was gone.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Toro Toro

This is me, Alejandro Quintana. This picture was taken yesterday afternoon when we were playing toro toro. At first it was unfamiliar to the game I had never heard about it. Although I hadn't heard about it I was excited to play it. When they asked for two volunteers who wanted to run. I quickly raised my hand. I thought the game was going to be a piece of cake. All we had to do was tag the other people with our "horns" inside the perimeter the staff made. But the game didn't turn out to be a piece of cake. I quickly figured out that we had to work as a team to be able to accomplish the task of tagging everyone with our horns.

Kendra & Viviana (Racism)

Racism by Leslie and Nester

Cindy y Canda (Profanity)

Efrain (Bullying)


Sitlaly and Diana