Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Racism and sexist by Cindy and Canda

When I first saw the video I felt that people are racist involving crime. In the video people just called the cops when they saw the colored guy " stealing" the bike. With the American guy they  just asked him what he was doing but continued walking, and with the girl one person even helped her. This racism is messed up, and is ruining our society.
When I saw this, I felt really bad for the African American because he was the one who was getting yelled at and even had the cops called on him. I also was upset the fact the guys are more likely to help out "pretty" woman just because they are woman and its also sad how she even said she was stealing it and the guy still offered to help her. I just hope the generalization of African American would come to a stop because people only do that because of what they see in the media, and also the sexist on woman also can stop.

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